Scleral contact lenses

Scleral contact lenses

Scleral contact lenses

Scleral lenses are a popular choice for those who struggle to find contact lenses that fit their eyes and desire a better vision than their current lenses provide. If you have had trouble wearing contacts in the past, scleral lenses could be the right solution; they provide comfort similar to soft lenses and are an excellent fit for sensitive eyes and eyes with irregularly shaped corneas.

Scleral contact lenses offer the same advantages as conventional RGP’s, which include:

  • Sharper vision
  • Durability
  • Less risk of complications
  • Better suited for dry eyes

What is a scleral contact lens?
The scleral lens is designed to precisely fit each eye and sit gently on the sclera without causing compression or discomfort to the underlying tissue. It’s referred to as ‘sceral’or the white of the eye because it does not only cover a portion of the cornea like conventional RGP’s. Instead, it covers the entire corneal surface and rests on the white of the eye.

Each lens is custom-made and needs to be fitted to vault over the cornea to secure a constant reservoir of fluid between the lens and cornea. This means your eye remains hydrated the whole time the lens is worn, and as a bonus, the fluid layer helps compensate for any irregularities in the shape of the cornea and improves your vision.

Who is suitable for scleral contact lenses?

If you want the best vision possible with contact lenses, the scleral contacts can be the right choice for you. They are, however, particularly well-fitted for the following conditions:

  • Irregular corneas: The lenses usually provide sharper vision for eyes with irregularly shaped cornea resulting from natural causes like Keratoconus or eye surgery
  • Hard-to-fit eyes: If you have had trouble finding lenses that fit nicely and feel comfortable, the scleral lenses are likely to be a good choice, as they offer a more comfortable and secure fit
  • Dry eyes: The contacts are a good option for those who suffer from severe dry eye syndrome; the space between the back surface of the scleral lens and the cornea operates as a tear reservoir and keeps the front of your eye moist and comfortable throughout the day.

A good choice for activities
Scleral contact lenses are larger than soft lenses and RGP’s. The smallest is around 14.5 mm diameters, making it less likely to fall out during activities as it sits steadily on the eye. This stability makes them more comfortable to wear than conventional RGP lenses.

Treatment for chemical and burn eye injuries with scleral lenses
The vision correction is only a part of what the lenses can do. They also provide the moisture and oxygen the eye needs to stay healthy and protected from outside threats. By exposing the eye to an oxygen-permeable fluid-filled chamber, the lens is optimal for healing the ocular surface after a corneal transplant or during recovery from a chemical burn or injury.

Find the best contact lenses for your eyes
The advantages of scleral contact lenses should not be overlooked. A clear vision, comfort and stability during activities, and moisture that satisfies even the driest eyes, these are among the most advanced lenses available for patients today.

The benefits of scleral contact lenses have made them a popular and satisfying choice for many patients looking for a more precise and more comfortable vision. Book an appointment at one of our clinics in Brampton or Mississauga to find out if scleral contact lenses are a good fit for your eyes.

We have over 20-years of experience in contact lens consultation and fitting, and offer professional guidance to find out which contact lenses best suit your specific needs.

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