RGP’s and Hybrid

RGP’s and Hybrid

RGP’s and Hybrid

Hybrid lenses and RGP’s, also known as rigid gas-permeable contact lenses or GP are particularly beneficial for patients wearing bifocal or multifocal glasses. They have been around for years, providing patients with a better vision, especially to those who struggle to see far and near.

What are RGP lenses?
RGP lenses are highly durable and have a longer lifespan than soft contacts . The lenses are made from rigid oxygen-permeable material, which allows them to retain their shape on the eye instead of conforming to the underlying cornea. Because of this, RGP’s eliminate blur caused by irregularities in the cornea and typically provide sharper vision than glasses.

RGP lenses have disadvantages too. Most are small and designed to move with the eye on every blink. This increases the risk of dust or other foreign objects crawling underneath the lens and causing discomfort. The smaller size also makes it easier for the contacts to fall out during physical activities.

Adjusting to RGP’s generally takes longer than to soft lenses. However, recent advancements in RGP lens design have improved performance and are easier to get accustomed too.

Who are RGP lenses best suited for?
RGP’s are great alternatives for people who want a sharper vision than soft lenses offer. They are a good choice for people who suffer:

  • Astigmatism
  • Keratoconus
  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Presbyopia
  • And for those wearing bifocal or multifocal glasses

What are Hybrid lenses?
Hybrid is something made by combining two different elements. A hybrid contact lens is a gas permeable (or rigid) lens centre surrounded by a soft skirt portion. The newest hybrid lenses provide the crisp vision that a rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens supplies while maintaining the comfort of a soft contact lens.

Hybrid lenses are an in-between option between scleral lenses and soft contact lenses. The scleral lenses cover the entire white surface of the eye while soft lenses only cover the central part of the eye. Hybrid, however, is large like a scleral lens making it more stable on the eye and soft like your typical soft lens.

This solution has helped a number of people suffering from irregular corneas, astigmatism, Keratoconus and other conditions. Hybrids haven’t replaced RGP’s or scleral lenses that still offer sharper vision, but have become a widely popular alternative for those who find rigid lenses uncomfortable to wear.

Fitting hybrid contacts usually takes more time and expertise than fitting soft lenses. However, these are custom made for each pair of eyes and have the potential to be a better fit and provide a better vision.

Who are hybrid lenses best suited for?
Hybrid lenses are a good option for those that want the sharp vision of hard lenses but find them too hard to adjust to. They are particularly suited for people with:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Mildly irregular corneas
  • Eyes in the early stages of Keratoconus

What is the difference between a GP lens and a hybrid?
RGP’s are used for people who don’t think soft lenses offer them a clear vision. Many people find their vision to be sharper with RGP’s than with soft lenses, but because of their rigid nature, they take longer to adapt to. And many don’t get accustomed to the sensation of RGP’s at all. Hybrid contacts combine the best of both types of lenses: the sharp vision of RGP’s and the comfort of soft lenses. Hybrids also have thinner edges and are a little bigger, making them less likely of falling out of the eye during activities. The soft skirt also comes with the added benefit of holding the lens in place and prevents dirt from getting under the lens.

Rigid Gas-Permeable and Hybrid Lenses at Brampton or Mississauga
RGP’s and Hybrid should always be fitted appropriately. We offer a contact lens exam and fitting to ensure you get the best possible most out of your RGP’s and hybrid contact lenses. At our clinics in Brampton or Mississauga, we have been prescribing these with great success for years.

You can schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam at our locations in Brampton and Mississauga. At both locations, we are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to assist you in finding which contact lenses are best suited for your specific needs.

Simply call us at one of our optometry offices in Brampton or Mississauga or book an appointment via link below.

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