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About Us

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Dr Jag Gill has been an Optometrist for over 25 years. He graduated from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom completing his training

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Using the most advancing technologies available, Bramalea Optometry Brampton, understands the need for accurate assessments & monitoring procedures

About Us

We are a group optometry practice serving Brampton, Mississauga and the surrounding areas from two locations:

  • Brampton: 155 Clark Blvd at the Southeast corner of Clark Blvd. and West Dr. – just one block away from Bramalea City Centre
  • Mississauga: 6956 Financial Dr at the southeast corner of Mississauga Rd and Derry Rd.

We are family practice, two brothers who have worked side by side, first studying together at the New England College of Optometrists (NEWENCO) in Boston, and later establishing our multi location group practice. We have both also served as clinical instructors as part of the University of Waterloo School of Optometry external clinical sites.

We started our optometry practice with a simple aim: to bring quality eye care to the residents of the Brampton and Mississauga area.

For over 20 years, we’ve served the community with comprehensive eye exams and thorough eye care. Today, we work in a group practice setting alongside our associate eye doctors. All of whom are qualified optometrists who pride themselves in providing attentive care to our patients.

As doctors, it is our goal to provide every customer with the care and personal attention that they deserve. We recognize that patients need honest and knowledgeable advice – this is our foremost commitment to you.

Eyecare at Brampton and Mississauga

As experienced professionals, we understand that the right technology is crucial to detecting, assessing, and monitoring eye conditions. A complete eye exam can also detect other underlying health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid conditions, tumours and autoimmune diseases. It’s not simply “a prescription check.”

That’s why we have invested in technology to give patients the best eye care experience possible. Our clinics facilitate the following equipment:

  • Pre-screening equipment used to screen for glaucoma and assess the corneal thickness for laser eye surgery suitability. This equipment evaluates corneal swelling often caused by contact lenses and examines the corneal curvature to aid contact lens fitting and can determine accurate prescriptions for eyewear and contact lens fitting.
  • Advanced Testing Equipment such as Digital Retinal Photography used to take images of the retina, macula, and the optic nerve to monitor diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Automated visual fields are used to detect and treat eye glaucoma and aid in assessing brain tumours, strokes and other serious conditions.

Children’s Eye Exam

Both of our clinics have experienced optometrist highly qualified in children’s eye exams . Early children’s eye tests are essential to detect and prevent eye vision problems and ensure your child’s overall eye health.

Eyeglasses and contact lenses at Mississauga and Brampton

As part of our eye care, we offer a variety of contact lenses and over 1400 frames of different styles and colours – matching any budget – from renowned eyewear brands. Our optometrists at Mississauga and Brampton are always ready to assist you in finding the right eyeglasses or contact lenses following your eye exam.

Both the Mississauga and Brampton eye clinics are open later in the evening as well as on Saturdays to provide a service that fits our patients’ needs. We also accept walk-in eye exams as well as eye emergencies.

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